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Every single rupee you donate counts,it helps in teaching robotics to school and college students. To maintain our Non profit status we need small donations to add up to our funding.

We use donations to work towards these main objectives:

  • Bringing Robotics to schools - through district and regional partnerships, teacher professional learning workshops, and free online courses.
  • Developing curriculum - creating fun, engaging tutorials and coursework for a STEM pathway.
  • Changing state policies - Robotics isn"t yet a core academic subject in most states, We"re changing that.
  • Increasing diversity - encouraging women and minorities to engage in Robotics.
  • Raising awareness - we"re making it known: it should be a national imperative to get more students to learn Robotics.
  • Please contact us if you, your company, or your foundation is interested in talking with our team further to better understand our programs and to explore options for investing in our work.