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30th August 2017 - We conducted a Road safety workshop using robotics - Hindu senior secondary school, Indira nagar, Adyar

The presentation and hands-on workshop made the school students understand the road rules in India better and the high risks involved. This also induced in them, a thought for innovation and implementation of technology and engineering for road safety.

To make the workshop more lively, there was an Alfred Hitchcock style of case study of road accident were the students were made juries. After seeing the video clippings of road accidents, they were made to analyse the cause of the accident, who was at fault and how it could have been avoided. As jury they had to pronounce their verdict.

On the hands-on platform, the students were guided to make their own robocars and were educated to play the game of “Robocar Mania” on a miniature road track by strictly following the road safety rules. All students were awarded with appropriate certificates (Participation/Winner/Runner). The winners and runners were given medals.

10 Super Captains from the participants were selected from for a Special Training Programme.

This was a joint effort of the CSR Sponsor “Chola MS General Insurance” in association with United Way Chennai (UWC), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation (RAAIF).